Prosperity Essence - Attracting Abundance

Prosperity Essence - Attracting Abundance

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Shift your energy to positive and open yourself up to everything you want in life with Prosperity.

Energy most certainly attracts more of its kind—whether it’s positive or negative. After all‚ you are a magnet for what you focus your energy on most intently. That’s why it’s key to bring positive energy to the forefront of your life and then focus it where it’s most needed to get everything you want most.

This combination of essences addresses a lack of prosperous energy in your life. Whether that means good luck‚ finances or career opportunities‚ these things can’t come your way when you are filled with a lackluster vibration. Let this essence shift your energy to a more powerful‚ positive vibration‚ so you can attract abundance in all areas of your life.
"Life is like a garden‚ and we want to experience all the blossoms at different periods of our journey. As all the variety unfolds and is nurtured in the light‚ even the thorny cactus has its beauty‚ grace and purpose when you gain perspective. That’s what our essences do."

For decades‚ I have traveled the world to experience flowers and all of their beauty. It has been a remarkable process that has taken me from the United States‚ Canada and Peru‚ to Greece‚ Spain‚ Japan‚ Dubai and Jerusalem‚ to name just a few sites. Along the way‚ I relied on my higher wisdom to discover the best vibrations for creating my newest essences.

It was in these remote‚ sacred areas of the world‚ where the spirit is strong and vibrant‚ that I felt my soul blossom—truly a gift from the Divine for which I am eternally grateful. Now‚ you can experience blossoms along your own life journey with a series of four essences made of energy and flowers I have brought back from these incredible areas of the world.

This combination of several essences in each bottle works together on your various chakras to achieve a powerful mind-body-soul effect. Use them as you are guided—together or one at a time—to feel uplifted‚ restore relationships‚ attract abundance and connect to your higher soul—these are my gifts to you and there are others to come!


Doris Muna