Pet Balance: Aura Balancing Essence for Animals

Pet Balance: Aura Balancing Essence for Animals

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The animals in our lives are able to pick up on our human frailties and negativity. Pets absorb their owners’ feelings and emitted energy. This product is specifically designed for cats. Sometimes‚ their energies need to be cleared and their chakras and meridians balanced— just as ours do. Using this incredible essence‚ you can create harmony for your pets by settling their emotional‚ psychological and physical challenges and ensuring that their bodies are functioning optimally. 

When the energies of your pet are balanced‚ there are many resulting benefits‚ ranging from curing or lessening specific maladies (such as rashes and itching) to generating a general sense of calm. Small dogs seem to feel more confident and not get frightened or intimidated by larger animals.

Pets who are adopted from shelters tend to be afraid and insecure; some bark and attack others in the home to establish dominance. Such behavior can be harmonized by using the spray on pets already in the household and on the new comers. It can create a new calm and security that the adoptees lacked‚ and give them the feeling of being welcomed. It’s real peacemaker!

  • Add these flower essences to your pet’s food‚ or place them in the mouth or on the belly.
  • Use as often as you feel guided.
  • If the essence is being ingested‚ please follow the weight chart on the bottle.

This restorative elixir works on beings as small as five pounds‚ as large as horses‚ and everything in between. Enhance the life of your furry friend by restoring their natural balance.

Directions:  Administer 1 drop in either the mouth of pet‚ on food, or on their chest. 
Ingredients: Vibrational combination of 15 essences: Rose‚Nasturtium‚ Yarrow‚ Pneuma‚ Geranium‚ Ashkara‚ Grace I & II‚ Reconciliation‚ Rock Rose‚ Santos‚ Pine‚ Oak‚ Elements‚ Manitou‚ Orchid‚ Preserved in Brandy 25%.

Size: 1 oz / 30 ml .