Feel Awesome Spray

Feel Awesome Spray

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Clear your personal energy field of negativity and limiting beliefs‚ whether self-generated or put on you by others. Spray the elixir into the air around your body‚ living space‚ office or car to experience relaxation‚ increased focus and a general sense of wellbeing. This spray promotes grounding and clarity in people.

This revitalizing feel awesome spray may be used in all kinds of locations and situations:

  • When your day at the office has been stressful
  • When you are feeling over-extended and approaching burnout
  • When you and your partner disagree and you find yourself reacting with anger
  • When you are at a conference and need to break away and find serenity
  • When you are in a hospital and have absorbed sadness and despair
  • When your parent is peppering you with questions and you are feeling unsettled
  • When your great idea is being undermined by your own or others’ negative thoughts

Feel rebalanced‚ renewed and vibrant…Feel Awesome! anywhere!

use for positive results‚ spray into the air‚ above the head‚ your back‚ work space‚ space you live in‚ and your pillow before sleeping. Dissolves negative energies; promotes relaxation. Suitable for people‚ pets and plants.Makes you Feel Awesome!