The Technology Scanning /Learning to Feel Energies

The Technology Scanning /Learning to Feel Energies

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For centuries Natural Healers and others have used their hands to "Feel" or "Scan" various kinds of Energies.
Now you can learn the Skill of "Feeling Energy" OR you may vastly improve this important ability to a far greater degree – in only one day!

Have you ever wondered if someone was telling you the Truth?
Have you ever wondered which product to buy when you were out shopping? 
Have you ever wanted to feel "Energy" but do not have confidence in your ability to be accurate?
Do you think that "other people" might be able to feel Energy more accurately than you can?

Some Energy Healers have already studied the ancient Art of "Feeling Energies" or "Scanning" ...
yet many really feel no confidence in the precision of their skill, they hesitate to explore or may frequently disregard their intuitional guidance - that may occur when "Feeling Energy" or "Scanning".
Many people simply have never had a real opportunity to partake in a guided Practice of this ancient Art.
Become confident in using your senses to grasp the multiple kinds of information available to you - through more deeply understanding the nature of Subtle Energy.

Individuals of our generation are often interested in the practical aspects involved in developing the skill needed to determine - which in a series of goals might be best for them.
Spiritual students may also learn to evaluate their own Spiritual Development through monitoring their progress through Scanning.
The objective of this course is not to teach anyone Pranic Energy Healing.
The purpose of this course is to assist both lay people and Energy Healers alike ... to fine tune their ability to easily be able to distinguish degrees of, or qualities of - Subtle Energies - from one another.

Certification fee is included!

Time Schedule: January 9, 2021 9:30am - 4:30pm

Location: Camarillo, CA

Please join us for one day that will change your life!