Remedies from Nature and Flower essence

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Discover the Amazing Healing Powers of Flower Essences

Learn about the remedies from nature and their application. This very informative class will give an overview of the kingdom of nature and its amazing healing powers. It covers the differences between various approaches to wellness using herbs, tinctures, poultices, concoctions, essential oils, hydrosols, and flower essences.

Enjoy an overview of the Dorothea Healing Flower Essences and their application. Participants get to make their own flower essence combination to take home. A beautiful day connecting to the flower kingdom.

Who this class is for:

  • Those who have no knowledge or experience with herbs, flowers or plants.
  • Practitioners who want to add more services or skills to their practice.
  • Those with some knowledge of remedies from nature who want to be better informed.
  • Teenagers who want to bond with Grandparents or have an interest in gardening.
  • Anyone who loves being in nature and appreciates its produce.
  • Pet owners who want to use a safe remedy on their pets

Class description:

  • This class will cover different ways of treating and extracting the goodness of the plants through bark, roots, leaves and flowers.
  • Gain general information about the plant and flower kingdoms.
  • Learn the difference between Essential Oil, Tincture, Poultice, Concoction, Tea, Hydrosol and Flower Water as well as their various applications.
  • Explore Flower Essences, how they are made and how they work.
  • General overview of Dorothea Essences.

Benefits of class:

  • Hands on experience - trying, tasting, and feeling products.
  • Expand your understanding of nature’s remedies and how to use them.
  • Feel an amazing connection to nature.
  • Meditation, relaxation and healing.
  • Learn a few recipes.

What to bring with you:

All materials are supplied by teacher. Included in fees.