Procrastination Workshop

Procrastination Workshop

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Breaking Through Your Procrastination Workshop

Procrastination is a leading cause to stress in our lives. Join me so we can understand where your stress is coming from and explore the tools to help you break free, become more productive and enjoy the time you’ve gained back.

Date: September Saturday 26th 9 am until 11am

This workshop is for those that are overwhelmed with stress, blocked from moving forward and  find themselves continually procrastinating, to a peaceful, productive, rewarding life.

This workshop is for you if….

  • You are feeling unmotivated
  • You aren’t sure what next steps to do
  • You are paralyzed about how to move forward
  • You are feeling apathetic by things that used to interest you

You should attend this workshop if you are:

  • A perfectionist
  • Holding onto something that needs to be finished
  • Not completing a project because you are unsure of how to move forward
  • Consistently underestimating the time you need to complete things

This workshop includes:

  • FREE Procrastination Workbook 
  • FREE Elements Flower Essence to aid, stabilize and speed up your healing process!

Seats filled up fast last time so grab your spot today!