Pranic Energy Healing Workshop Level 3

Pranic Energy Healing Workshop Level 3

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Pranic Energy Healing Level III provides a Practitioner with the ability to understand more about the Emotional & Mental aspects of their Clients –about how they Feel and how they Think. This is closely related to the state of their Health and Vitality.

Stress, Irritation, the Inability to see clearly in difficult situations, and the way a person’s emotions are acted out in their daily life are examined from the Energy side.

Practitioners learn to recognize Negative Unwanted Energies, Thought Forms, Energy Entities or Elementals that cloud their Client’s perception. In an ordinary person – these perceptions may be passed off as insignificant or disregarded entirely - as unimportant.

Through this new interpretation – Practitioners may more deeply understand their Client’s actions. The Practitioner may rapidly develop tools to evaluate various indicators affecting the condition of their Client’s Emotions and Mind.

When Clients are dominated by these Negative Energies, frequently they Lack Vitality, may exhibit ill health, feel “unwell” or “uneasy”.

Prerequisites: For this level students need to have completed 

Pranic Energy Healing level 1&2


3 Mondays + 1 Thursday June:

12, 19, 26 & Thursday June 29; 5pm until 8pm

Location:  Zoom and in person in Camarillo

Fees: $375

Early registration by June 3rd: $325

Repeat option fees: $125

Generally we may state that the presence of Unwanted Energy Beings within the Energy Field - creates a lack of flow or stagnation in the Flow of Energy within their Energy Field. Frequently they influence or block a person from exhibiting normal behavior – due to their contaminating presence.

Through new Level III techniques Practitioners may assess the Client’s Energy Field and Subtle Energies affecting them. Through identifying and verifying the presence of various types of Unwanted Energies both in the Energy Centers and in a person’s Energy Field the Client’s condition may be rapidly stabilized – and re-filled with Healthy Fresh Radiant Energy.

Pranic Energy Healing Level III trains you to:


  • Understand Fundamental Differences between Energy Beings such as Thought Forms, Energy Entities and Elementals.

  • To grasp how a person thinks and feels, or is affected by the presence of these Unwanted Energies.
  • Uses Advanced Methods to Assess Subtle Energies - as well as the Energies of Obstructive Negative Thought Forms, Accumulated Negative Energies and other types of Disruptive Energies
  • Negative Unwanted Qualities may rapidly be removed from the Subconscious Mind & from the Subtle Bodies of a Client – 
    through new fast methods to extract and rapidly repair the Etheric Damage that sometimes occurs when these types of Energies are present.

  • Regular use of Level III Treatment to stabilize a Client’s Emotional State and Mental Outlook – restoring Balance and Harmony to their lives.