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Discover a deeper healing bond with the pets in your life.

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Learn valuable insights and techniques with the Dorothea Pet Healing 6-Day Seminar.

Now you can learn to heal the precious pet or pets in your life by communicating with them, and applying energy healing to create a deeper bond.
No matter if your pet is a cat, dog, horse, bird, or other kind of animal, they deserve a happy and healthy life, and you can help give it to them!

The amazing Dorothea Pet Healing 6-Day Seminar has been specifically designed for anyone who loves pets including

  • pet owners
  • pet walkers
  • pet sitters
  • Volunteers at pet and animal shelters,
  • pet hospitals and clinics
  • plus anyone who has considered performing pet healing as a profession
  • those who want to pamper and treat their pets to something special.

In 6 days of training, you’ll acquire new skills that will allow you to:

  • Feel the energy field of your pet
  • Maintain a healthy pet and prevent illness
  • Determine if the issue is a physical pain or emotional one
  • Heal physical challenges such as arthritis, tumors, skin rashes or digestive trouble
  • Heal behavioral and/or emotional issues such as aggressive or fearful behavior
  • Develop and enhance communication with your pet
  • Nurture the bond of love between you and your pet
  • Connect with your pet energetically
  • Utilize flower essences for any situation
  • Use essential oils and alternative options for various challenges, whether emotional or physical
  • Help a dying pet and say goodbye when the only choice is euthanasia

Keep your pet healthy and happy.

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Enroll today for the Dorothea Pet Healing 6-Day Seminar. Space is limited.

Part I Saturday October 21st and Sunday October 22nd

Part II and Part III 
in 2018.

Part I price: 
Alta Loma, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91701, USA
10 am until 5pm

Free Gifts

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All seminar materials including a Dorothea Flower Essence 

and a Dorothea Pet Aura Spray.

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