Holiday Spray Bundle

Holiday Spray Bundle

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The Holiday Season is here! The year flew by...again. It's time to unwind, reflect and spend time with your family. With every year ending and the Holidays coming up, we find ourselves looking for unique gifts for our loved ones. How about bringing deeper meaning to your next gift-giving occasion with presents that bring balance, joy, rejuvenation and peace to you and your loved ones!

Give the Gift of an Essence Treatment to your loved ones with our unique Holiday Spray Bundle!

Our Spray Bundle consists of our Favorites:

  • Grace
  • Harmony
  • Serenity
  • Prosperity 

Order by December 10th  and get free shipping

Order by December 15th to guarantee Xmas delivery

Pre order now, products will be shipped out on December 1st

A premium gift with the latest combination essences;

A gift that encompasses all there is to support and move forward on all issues that may be in your way to a blissful life.

Serenity : addresses feelings of distress‚ exhaustion‚ anxiety and depression you’re bound to feel from time to time. 

Harmony: Do you have feelings of disconnect between loved ones?

Prosperity: This essence shifts your energy to a more powerful‚ positive vibration‚ so you can attract abundance in all areas of your life. 

Grace: Does your mind‚ body and soul feel unhealthy? Are you overly codependent or independent? Are you having a Soul disconnect? 

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