Feel Peaceful Holiday Bundle

Feel Peaceful Holiday Bundle

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The Holiday Season is here! The year flew by...again. It's time to unwind, reflect and spend time with your family. With every year ending and the Holidays coming up, we find ourselves looking for unique gifts for our loved ones. How about bringing deeper meaning to your next gift-giving occasion with presents that bring balance, joy, rejuvenation and peace to you and your loved ones!

Give the Gift of "Feeling Peaceful" to your loved ones with our unique Feel Peaceful Bundle! 

Our Feel Peaceful Essence Bundle consists of our Favorites:

  • Elements Essence: Centering and Connectivity.

  • Feel Awesome Spray

  • Pneuma Flower Essence: Loving Kindness‚ Blessings.

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Elements Essence: Centering and Connectivity.

It’s important to always be aware of the correlation of the sun and moon to the earth‚ as well as the direction (north‚ south‚ east‚ west). There is magic with this element connecting everyone to Mother Earth.

 When I created this essence, I was near Lake Titicaca in Peru. The Golden Sun Disc, used by Inca priests to improve the spiritual health of their empire, is allegedly buried at the bottom of this lake. Whether fact or legend, there was definitely a radiance of golden energy to this essence. It gave the urgency to awaken our inner dormant soul to connect with earth, the sky and all beings in the need to honor the “we are one.” This connection reminds us of who we are.

 All small ideas are good. Start there and then energize and expand your energy to where you want to be. As we release judgement, start to accept all people for who they are. Have respect for the earth, other beings, the animals and flowers. Only then can we realize we are one, and all are connected. This is how we bring the light upon ourselves and then share with others around us. This is what blankets us with a light of protection by bringing heaven to earth. Transformation is our destiny, and we become more ready now to evolve than ever before. Read more here. 

The Feel awesome spray

.. puts one in a good mood with a faint smell of flowers. Can be used on people and pets. Clear your personal energy field of negativity and limiting beliefs‚ whether self-generated or put on you by others. Spray the elixir into the air around your body‚ living space‚ office or car to experience relaxation‚ increased focus and a general sense of wellbeing. Not only does this promote grounding and clarity in people‚ but also in plants and pets. More info: Feel awesome spray

Pneuma Flower Essence: Loving Kindness‚ Blessings.

Pronounced “pnevma,” pneuma is defined as breath/spirit in Greek. It works on giving us strength to move forward and see the beauty of life despite all the challenges and obstacles. This essence helps us fulfill our calling and see the big picture of our life. It allows us to breathe in and survive.

 I was on the island of Santorini in the Aegean Sea during the middle of summer’s heat facing the ‘Caldera,”  which is the ancient silent volcano. This day was auspicious as colors of the ocean and island mixed with the sparse patches of wild flowers. My thoughts raced to civilizations gone by, how they performed healing and what was the practiced modality at that time.

 It was at a very secluded spot, and my inner self believed since arriving at the island that I would be creating essences. As I meditated and let the information flow into my mind and soul, I had a vision of all diseases disappearing through the use of essences. I saw past civilizations and people using essences for every ailment and malady. Read more here.