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Father's day gift

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Salt scrub (24 oz)

Stress accumulates and makes our bodies feel tired. We found that our salt scrub helps to release all that tension and make you feel great.
Simply used in the shower, take a small amount and gently rub the stomach area /solar plexus and throat area, inhaling the healing Essential oils or Tea tree and Lavender. Simply rinse afterwards to release all tension. Enjoy the difference!

Many of our clients love this product as it exfoliates dry skin and hair stubbles for a smoother result.

New labels - same great product!

Sacred Salt Scrub: Aura Cleanser. Removes dry surface skin revealing smooth glowing skin‚ while releasing negative energies off your aura. The essential oils of lavender and tea tree act as natural healing properties and the pure oils of olive‚ grape seed and vitamin E leave the skin super soft and nourished.

Magnificent Seven:

Magnificent Seven: Complete Balancing Spray.

Life can take us on a windy or bumpy road. Maybe it is not a particular situation that is troublesome, but things don’t feel right somehow. Not sure what to do?

Magnificent Seven Essence is a complete Balancing Spray of seven powerful flower essences. Magnificent Seven works gently to balance all meridians and the main seven Chakras.

It works to help energies flow in a harmonious way to achieve balance. A couple of sprays twice a day works on our energy field to help smooth our challenges and bring us back into total balance and harmony. It’s a general all round essence, works for the whole family, and can be used on pets (1 spray a day for pets, 1 spray a day externally for children; not to be ingested by children or those who have an alcohol allergy. Alternately it can be sprayed on chest or pillow)

Magnificent Seven balances Meridians and Chakras. Spray contains the flower essences of Broom Shrub‚ Rose‚ Nasturtium‚ Pneuma‚ Yarrow‚ Ashkara‚ Geranium‚ and Grace. This combination balances all the meridians and seven main chakras to de-stress and uplift you.