Alchemy of Youth Series - Part 1-4
Alchemy of Youth Series - Part 1-4
Alchemy of Youth Series - Part 1-4
Alchemy of Youth Series - Part 1-4
Alchemy of Youth Series - Part 1-4

Alchemy of Youth Series - Part 1-4

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Alchemy of Youth Series

Throughout the ages, women have used various gifts from nature to enhance their beauty and wellbeing, vitality and overall wellness.  Ancient Egyptian Queen, Cleopatra, was known for her beauty and seduction energy toward male leaders who fell prey to her charm and looks.  She was known to bathe in goat’s milk,  hence her skin was silky and a point of envy of other women!

In this time and age, women are using their personalities and intelligence to attract people to their love web. All agree, however, that good skin and vital energy is still a characteristic to admire.  It is not a total mystery to maintain a healthy and youthful look. We turn to nature to help us.

Our four part series addresses all aspects that affect the aging process and we will share some tips and ideas to help you maintain a healthy and radiant look, naturally.

We believe all four parts of this series have their own gems and support.  We really would love you to attend all four to gain the most benefit. We also will be sharing handouts and worksheets.

Register now for this four part series and receive a complimentary handcrafted flower essence gift.

Part 1

Destress and Relax

Stress and anxiety certainly have an effect on your well being.  High blood pressure, digestion problems, and sleepless nights are only a few of the symptoms of high stress.  In this class we will share some approaches to help you to destress, to avoid anxiety and to feel grounded and at peace, which will lead to a good night’s sleep.

Part 2

Meditation and Finding Peace

How do we find peace? By turning within. We will cover all you ever wanted to know about meditation, how to do a simple meditation and where to go for more advanced ones.  Meditation is often used by the most effective leaders and creatives.  It is also being introduced into hospitals as studies show that people are recovering much faster after they meditate.  This is an activity you can practice anywhere and get amazing benefits.  Learn how to achieve a state of Zen.


Part 3

Flowers and Nature

Mother nature at her best!  She has gifted us with flowers, herbs and all the amazing healing properties that come with them. We have some family recipes to share!  My grandmother was an amazing herbalist and she had the skin of a baby!


Part 4

Food Approach

We are what we eat.  We will be sharing information about food, how it makes us feel, and give recommendations based on  successful results of our clients.  Many not only managed a healthy weight, but found the treasure of eating for wellness and energy.  We will share recipes and suggestions and also touch on exercise suggestions.