7 Steps to Breakthrough to a Better Life

7 Steps to Breakthrough to a Better Life

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Are You Ready to Get Unstuck From Those Emotional Self Limiting Beliefs

Discover the Secrets Directly from a Third Generation Healer To How You Find Your Calling, Peace and Joy.

Get Ready for Your Life's Breakthrough!

Are you finding challenges in your relationships, career, health or spirituality?

Is your life taking an unsatisfactory direction?

Do you want to do something about it?

Are you ready to breakthrough to higher levels of joy and peace?

My name is Doris Muna and my clients call me a healer, miracle maker, amazing, result oriented, an answer to a prayer, an angel, amazing, fantastic, a friend, mentor, guide, sage…etc.

I am always in awe and gratitude for their kind words. They are the ones who are brave and strong and made the decision to change their lives to the better. I am just a witness, holding the space for them, on their healing journey.

I am a third generation healer who went through my own healing cycles with the help of amazing masters who taught me their techniques and tools. I bring to you all that and over 20 years of experience of working with people to help them find their calling, their soul’s peace and joy.

I’d like to share this guide with you. It contains the Seven Steps to guide you using thought-enhancing ideas to help unravel any emotional blocks that may be in the way of your ideal life: a life of peace and joy. I am honored to be part of your healing journey. Lots of Blessings

Doris Muna

This Guide will reveal:

  • Releasing Emotional Blocks, Creating Breakthrough results for a more peaceful life
  • Get unstuck from those emotional self limiting beliefs
  • Get rid of those negative thought patterns and programming
  • Overcome Challenges and Focus on Your Vision
  • Attract Positive Energy to Achieve Success
  • Transform Limiting Beliefs and Get “Unstuck”
  • Live the Ideal Peaceful Life