The Triangle of Health Book

The Triangle of Health Book

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Discover The Right Tools For Your Journey of Healing

You've been reading about it in magazines, hearing about it on television, receiving information from your health insurance company, and seeing articles in the newspaper... alternative healing is not so alternative anymore!

Yet, with all of its recent popularity, alternative healing and energy healing remain a mystery to many people.  Until now!  The Triangle of Health is an invaluable resource that demystifies alternative/energy healing and offers you tools for your healing journey.  In this easy-to-read, "digestible" book, you will:

  •     Discover and understand the three systems of energy healing that form the foundation of all alternative healing modalities.
  •     Learn how these systems work together to heal your physical, mental and spiritual body.
  •     Understand how healing one challenge brings healing to everything.
  •     Discover how to create more abundance in your life on every level... more than just physical.
  •     Identify a clear, concise approach for your own personal journey of healing, once and for all.

Let this book guide you to the future you deserve and the one that would serve you, mankind and the universe.

 “The Triangle of Health helps you discover and apply the best tools that fit your journey of healing... and your conscious evolution.  Doris offers timeless wisdom that will help you maintain your focus as you bloom into a Whole and Complete Soul.”
- Richard Jelusich, Ph.D.
Author: Eye of the Lotus: Psychology of the Chakras

"In this book, Doris Muna brings together her personal experience along with many years of wisdom learned from her teachers and clients to offer you a roadmap for your own healing journey."
- Sheevaun Moran
Author, Radio Personality, Master of Energy and Founder of Paramitas

Doris Siksek Muna is an energy healer and consultant.  She started her healing journey almost twenty years ago with her own health challenges.  This led her to a discovery of a lot of alternative options for wellness through energy healing.

Doris attributes her success to her teachers, and her wonderful clients who through their challenges helped her grow and develop her practice.

Your Journey of Healing Begins Here...

Part of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the Masaru Emoto Foundation: