Energetic Technology for Business Management Workshop

Energetic Technology for Business Management Workshop

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Understanding business dynamics from the esoteric perspective

Place:  Via Zoom
Time:  9am until 5pm (lunch break provided)
Fees: $325 

This unique Workshop allows participants to break free from traditional approaches to Business Challenges. Thereby it assists in removing obstacles, which otherwise may even not been recognized.

Through Using The Energy Technologies for Business Management you are able to view Business also from the Energetic Perspective!

Be Empowered to find greater Success as an Entrepreneur, Self- Employed Business Person, Director of Operations, in Using Media, in Producing PR Strategies, as a Department Chief, Business Executive or Director!

Developing special Sensitivity and Increasing Intuition puts you on the Cutting Edge!

What do you need to know:

  • Which time is best to open a new business, a new company or to start an important project?
  • What is the most auspicious time for you to become active in planning for a new program or project?
  • What is the right time for you to undertake certain activities?
  • When should you Marry?
  • When should you rent a new business location?
  • What is the best time for you to purchase your new Dream Home?

Understanding Quabalistic Cycles will allow you to obtain fast positive results.

Join luminaries of history like Isaac Newton, Francis Bacon, Maha Atma Choa Kok Sui, Benjamin Franklin & others – who have used theosophical and Rosicrucian Technologies – to guide their own lives.

This, together with other applications of Energy – extracted from various traditions -will impart knowledge that will give you the cutting edge in your profession.

  • Learn how to use Meditation to Produce Stellar Results
  • Increase the Volume of your Profit through applying Esoteric Laws
  • Find out how to plan your life to a greater advantage & to “flow” in greater harmony with Energies of different qualities
  • Using “Time” more efficiently will allow you to have more leisure time
  • Learn how to rapidly Increate your Internal Power through removing Stress Energy and learning to Energize your Mind and Body
  • These Skillful Means will empower your life and remove Work Pressures

In one day you may learn to apply Ancient Wisdom to Modern Life.




This was a very unique talk that had some great ideas on how to maximize your potential in business. Doris teaches you techniques to de-stress and energize your mind and body as wellas how to prepare a calendar that helps you plan your business year. The workshop had a lot of great information to help me realize my full business potential!

Heather M., Ventura, CA 

I signed up for the Energetic Technology for Business Management class last year, somewhat skeptical of applying energy techniques to my work life, but curious about the prospects. Throughout the workshop my skepticism gave way as Doris presented practical business and planning strategies in a new and dynamic light. The skills I learned here are ones I use every day to balance college, my career, and my emotional well being, as well as to get myself out of mid-day slumps without running for another espresso!

I would highly recommend this class to anyone seeking to grow professionally.

Andrej Lukovac
Las Vegas, Nevada

The workshop on Energetic Technology for Business Management was outstanding! I am very clear on ways to improve my business in marketing, management, timing, and structure. I have implemented the strategies from the workshop and have seen amazing results! My business is thriving, even at a time of year when my field of work is typically down. I recommend this class to every business owner, entrepreneur, and anyone who would like to get ahead in business and in life!

Thank you for your knowledge and support. I look forward to taking more classes from you!

Dani Bahnsen
wellness and fitness consultant