Oak Tree Flower Essence
Oak Tree Flower Essence

Oak Tree Flower Essence

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When we are on a healing journey‚ flowers and herbs can assist us in matters of the body‚ mind and soul. In fact‚ ancient cultures of the Egyptians‚ Greeks‚ Romans‚ Arabs‚ Mayans‚ Hindus and Buddhists used flowers and herbs for healing because they understood their amazing restorative properties.

I often use flower essences in conjunction with Energy Healing and Distance Healing for both people and pets to help remove emotional blockages that are preventing or slowing down the healing process. Because these products speed up the healing progress, they can be used by either ingesting directly into the mouth or by putting the drops in tea or water before consumption or on the skin

Oak Tree Flower Essence: Fortitude.

This essence reminds us of our true selves and calling; it puts us back on track if we lose our direction. It builds confidence and clarity‚ helping to break barriers to major obstacles. Find your calling‚ get centered and move forward.

 Remember that your teachers are there for you on this life path. Reach out to them and allow them to connect with you. Feel free to ask. They may not be in the physical form, so be receptive to guidance and allow your destiny to be fulfilled. This essence gives you strength to move forward. It grounds you to not be swayed by the winds of time or people. It helps you survive against all odds and move your ideas, projects and thoughts forward boldly.

 We need to be open to receive and put away judgement and small obstacles like self- doubt and limiting beliefs. Perhaps these obstacles were there to teach us a lesson and help us grow. We don’t need to dwell on our self-doubt and limiting beliefs. They are not our destiny. The oak tree is ever so majestic and strong against the winds and harsh nature changes. Yet it remains so strong and rooted deep into the earth doing its job to hold itself together and be strong. Be the pillar of strength that spreads its branches to provide a place for others to lean on and demonstrate your presence. Show the old wisdom that you have to help and support others on their journey. Spread your roots in every direction. Share the wisdom.

 This essence has been a special one for me. I hope it supports you on your journey as well.

Essence use: Hold bottle between hands in reverence and ask, "Please help me on my journey. Thank you.” Let the essences work on the soul level and ensure the healing process. 

 Essences contain 20% alcohol. If you are allergic to alcohol, please do not ingest. Instead, use them on your chest or place them on your pillow. 

 May the blessings of those essences support you on your healing journey.

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