Nasturtium Flower Essence
Nasturtium Flower Essence

Nasturtium Flower Essence

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 When we are on a healing journey‚ flowers and herbs can assist us in matters of the body‚ mind and soul. In fact‚ ancient cultures of the Egyptians‚ Greeks‚ Romans‚ Arabs‚ Mayans‚ Hindus and Buddhists used flowers and herbs for healing because they understood their amazing restorative properties.

I often use flower essences in conjunction with Energy Healing and Distance Healing for both people and pets to help remove emotional blockages that are preventing or slowing down the healing process. Because these products speed up the healing progress, they can be used by either ingesting directly into the mouth or by putting the drops in tea or water before consumption or on the skin

Nasturtium Flower Essence: Dissolving and Eliminating

This essence was made from a cluster of nasturtium flowers. While on a hike, I gathered nasturtium seeds and felt compelled to impart blessings and energizing to the seed collection. The seeds were dried and just before spring I threw them in a field and hoped they would grow. They did, and almost a year later when I saw them, I witnessed an amazing aura about them, so I knew an essence was in the calling.

The original nasturtium flowers were a mixture of bright yellow and vibrant orange colors with a splattering of other shades as well. When they started to glow, the color combination was like looking at the sun, not being sure where the brilliant yellow, orange or mixture of shades started and where they ended. It was otherworldly!

The field was a very quiet and peaceful spot. This essence helps a person break down situations into smaller pieces that can be absorbed and processed. Consider an emotional situation that is so overbearing it can be pulled apart into smaller fragments that can be easily processed by the mind and emotional body into small manageable aspects of a challenge.

This essence helps in the breaking down and digestion of a situation. Whether physical, emotional or spiritual, it can help you manage issues in a more relaxed manner.

On the emotional level, it helps you cope with overload and anxiety. Whether physical‚ emotional or mental‚ this breaks down problems into small manageable portions. As the mental and emotional challenges become more manageable, the positive effect is seen on the physical body.

Essence use: Hold bottle between hands in reverence and ask, "Please help me on my journey. Thank you.” Let the essences work on the soul level and ensure the healing process.

 Essences contain 20% alcohol. If you are allergic to alcohol, please do not ingest. Instead, use them on your chest or place them on your pillow.

May the blessings of those essences support you on your healing journey.

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