Herbs: Educational Video about flower, herbs And Roots Tea and Drink

Herbs: Educational Video about flower, herbs And Roots Tea and Drink

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How to Make Them- Create Herbal Infusions for Health Benefits


If you are enchanted by the nourishing power of herbs or interested in learning the basics of making flower, herbs, barks or root tea?  Then this video is made just for you!  
This educational video about herbs is divided into 5 sections to help you boost your wellbeing, uplift and help you connect you with nature as discussed below:
SECTION 1-Herbal Tea and other uses of herbs
Herbal tea has been used for centuries due to its health-boosting properties. Nowadays they are being considered as healthy, stimulating additions to wellbeing. This section will help you learn about herbal teas and other amazing uses of herbs on how you can incorporate them into your daily life for improved vitality and health.


SECTION 2-Uses of Roots, Bark, Leaves and Pods
Herbal infusions come from flowers, spices, herbs, pods or roots which means they differ in flavor, tastes and nourishment. To that end, this section takes you through the uses of roots, barks, leaves pods and seeds and how you can blend them with your diet selectively so as to achieve your specific healthy living goals. A great pick me up tea is shared in this section.
SECTION 3- Calming Herbs That Promote Sleeping


The benefits of herbal tea largely depend on the nutrient’s composition. In this section, the video explores all calming herbs that you can use to supplement your diet to help you relax unwind and even promote healthy sleeping habits.  Grandma’s secret to restful sleep.


SECTION 4- Water Additions: Make Your Water Exciting
Does drinking your water plain leave out the exciting taste? Section 4 will equip you with precise water additions to help you make healthy, tastier and exciting water every time. This section gives step by step explanation on how to sweeten water with plant parts with our unique recipe index and items you have on hand in your kitchen. 
SECTION 5- Tinctures and Poultices


For centuries, plants have been used by herbalist to create plant medicine for various ailments. In this section, we will give you step by step information on how you brew your own herbal concoctions. By equipping you with basic techniques used by herbalists in making plant medicine, by the end of this section, you will be able to make your own Tinctures and Poultices.


Herbal tea is the perfect way to build a beneficial relationship with plants. Using plants to create richer tasting, nourishing drinks and the medicinal properties of plants is a healing experience in and of itself.
Use the insightful recipes in this video to brew uplifting tea, diuretic tea and nourishing tea for improved health and well-being. 
We would love to hear your amazing Story of making healing and nourishing herbal infusions, so please share you experiences!